We are a small family owned business established in 1969 by Michael Barna.

Mik, his son, is now President and both of his sons Mick, Jr. and Tony work in the business giving the business its third generation of Barna’s. The business has operated out of Hunterdon county since its creation. We have been friends and neighbors in this community our whole lives and our name and reputation is everything to us. We are proud to display our last name on our company logo. The vast majority of our leads come from word of mouth and referrals from past clients and our industry partners that have worked with us for years. Quality and the customer experience are the two cornerstones of our practices. Projects, especially custom projects require a great amount of attention and expertise along with extensive communication between the contractor and customer. A good relationship and partnership is extremely valuable for the construction process.


  • Be upfront with a realistic budget and make sure that what you are hoping for will fit within your budget. Going over the budget creates a hardship on you as well as us. If we are creating your proposal and realize we might head over budget, we will pause and reach out to you to see what changes we can make. It is difficult for us to spend 40 plus hours of work to present an unrealistic project cost to the customer.
  • Make selections in a timely manner to stay on schedule. You will be able to refer to the selection schedule for the timing of what decisions are needed when. We outpace the decision process many times and incur delays. An efficient job is a better job for all parties involved. The selection process can be overwhelming, with many decisions to be made. We offer a design service where a designer will meet with you to discuss your preferences and will narrow down your options to 2-4, rather than the hundreds that are out there.
  • If the project is a significant renovation of your home, temporarily moving out is a tremendous help. Your home will always be cleaned and respected, but there is no way of changing the fact that this will be a jobsite. When our workers have to keep different hours or only work in certain sections at a time, efficiency goes way down. A project requires a tremendous amount of scheduling and coordination between subcontractors, vendors and our crew. When special accommodations are needed, a ripple effect ensues throwing many things off course.
  • Please do not supply your own materials. A large part of our job is ordering the correct quantities and quality of materials as well as coordinating when they are to be ordered and delivered. We accept all deliveries, inspect and store all materials in a fashion that will ensure efficiency and quality of the materials and of the source. We have had many issues with online retailers, where items come damaged, are wrong or come in an incorrect quantity. When using our preferred vendors those issues are highly unlikely, and if they do occur they are handled promptly.
  • Understanding our fee for contracting the job. We have administrative salaries, workers compensation, vehicles, equipment, utilities, rent, insurance, etc. Our contracting fee covers these expenses. We also have many hours of on and off site management. Barna Building Contractors has been in business for over 50 years, gaining expertise, knowledge and skill. These come into play countless times throughout a project to help it run smoothly and to end with a complete finished and quality product. Much foresight is needed during the process to eliminate future problems during and after the build. This is where the Barna expertise and knowledge come into play.
  • Buildertrend is the software we use. It is a comprehensive package for both the builder and the customer which includes all plans, photos, schedules, selections, communications, etc. Everything is handled through this one platform for everyone to access and collaborate. It makes the process extremely transparent and keeps all parties up to date and on the same page.

What we have learned in our decades of experience is that customer service is above all other things. That means serving the customer. Determining our customers’ needs and their ‘why’ for the project ahead of time are most important to us. When customers’ needs and expectations are met or exceeded then everything else falls into place. We get roughly 90% of our leads and work from references and relationships. We get excited to see our previous clients around town!


For more information about our home building services or to get a quote, please contact us using our web form.


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