As a homeowner there is much to know about the construction process that is not typically explained. At Barna Building, we will be transparent and keep an open line of communication throughout the process so that everyone’s expectations can be met and exceeded.


  • The homeowner has a need
  • The homeowner has an idea/vision for what could solve that need.
  • The homeowner google searches and/or asks friends and family if they know of a reputable builder or architect.
  • The homeowner reaches out to multiple contractors explaining their needs and begins interviewing them. (Remember there is nothing more expensive than a cheap bid!)
  • The homeowners get architectural plans drawn.
  • The plans are sent to multiple contractors for bidding.


  • We reach out to the homeowner to meet and review the plans thus helping us get a glimpse at the vision they are hoping to achieve.
  • We discuss the potential budget with the client. This is to ensure that the scope of the project and the budget match.
    *Note: there are three important distinctions to make. A budget is what the homeowner is hoping/needing to keep within for a total cost of the project. An estimate is the contractor’s expectation of the cost of the project if the project is to be built exactly to plan with no unexpected conditions and changes. A bid or proposal is a fixed cost price that the contractor gives for completing the project.
  • After analyzing the plans, the bidding process begins. We send the plans to our subcontractors who will provide us with estimates or bids. We review each bid from the subcontractors to make sure that no tasks are missed or duplicated. Subcontractors can include; plumbing, electric, HVAC, painting, roofers, etc. Barna Building employees are on the jobsite daily. The bidding process, when done thoroughly, can over 40 hours of work. Many times it takes about 3-4 weeks for the bidding process to be completed and presented to the owners.
    *A note about our subcontractors: we typically use the same core subcontractors that we have used for many years. In our decades of experience, we have found what we believe to be the best in the business at their respective trades. We have all worked together on many projects and everyone is aware of the quality that we expect.
  • A meeting is scheduled to present the proposal or estimate to the owners. We discuss our proposal line by line and answer any questions the owners have about our process. We will help you understand the plans so there are no surprises once the project starts.
  • Once the proposal is accepted we finalize a contract and send it to the homeowner along with a list of our preferred vendors, a selection schedule for the homeowner, a gantt chart of estimated times for tasks and milestones, a punch list form, and a certificate of substantial completion.
  • Once a deposit is issued we will then file for permits with the township. This process can take up to multiple weeks.
  • Once permits are issued we will schedule the work to commence.
  • Weekly meetings are set up with the homeowner to discuss the progress and answer questions. A buildertrend account will be set up where both the owners and contractor can log in to edit and add notes, selections and entries into the calendar and change orders. We ask that hours of communication be held from Monday 7am through Friday 6pm, any communication outside of these hours will be promptly addressed the following workday morning.
  • Change orders are any items that the customer wants to change or add from the original contract. A price will be determined and presented to the customer before the work is performed.
  • Progress payment invoices will be sent according to the contract terms.
  • Once work is substantially complete (all tasks are complete beside change orders, missing items, and things beyond our control) the owner will have 30 days to complete the punch list form.
  • We offer a residential home warranty and warranty our craftsmanship for 2 years along with any manufacturer warranties available.

Things to note:

  • There will be busy times and lulls. At points there may be ten trucks in the driveway and other times there will be only one. These lulls are often times from delays in materials or waiting on inspections.
  • Our goal is to make this as easy and stress free of a process for you as possible. We will handle all scheduling and quality control so that you do not have to. Construction projects can be fun and exciting. They don’t have to be torturous!
  • We handle the finishes at the end of a project. We will have the last eyes on all projects and will scrutinize all work to ensure they are complete and finished correctly.


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