Mik Barna is the only builder I completely trust. He’s just a decent, honest, and talented craftsman. Mik is uncompromising in his attention to detail. He prepared drawings of options as they came up. His ideas were way beyond my expectations. The entire crew of Barna Building Contractors is simply a cut above. Whether we renovate or build new again… I would hire them in a heartbeat.

– Vicki Tourville

Mik has such a great design eye as well as being an impeccable builder. Although we had a wonderful design to start with, Mik was able to enhance the vision and make it all real. The whole project is just what we wanted and more.
I think Mik’s greatest professional strengths are his attention to detail and his willingness to do what is right. From shopping for old doors to locating just the right type of wood to measuring so that things were just right, Mik constantly assisted us and challenged us, too, to arrive at a decision. We never once felt like we compromised. He was with us all the way and was highly accessible throughout the job. Personally, Mik is just a great guy and a wonderful person to work with on such an important and prolonged task. It was a great experience for us all.

– Jeannie and Joseph Colalillo

Mik Barna is a pleasure to work with. “Old school values”. He does what he says he is going to do, when it is supposed to be done! He is more than willing to step in and give a hand id needed. Mik’s crew have the same values as Mik. As a cabinetmaker, I come in near the end of a project and I can see the quality of Mik’s work from the foundation to the finish trim work. Mik takes responsibility for the entire project and makes sure everything is done right, no excuses. When you have experience, you know you have to adapt to certain situations. How someone adapts clearly shows how good they are. I have seen Mik adapt and turn a difficult situation in a successfully completed project. I would recommend Mik Barna to anyone who wants a project competed successfully.

– Birdie Miller Designs

Could not be happier with our complete kitchen renovation and expansion. We have lived in our new kitchen for more than a year and are still awestruck. Mik was wonderful to deal with and the entire crew could not have been more helpful, hard-working and polite. Mik also arranged for great, local subs for electric and plumbing. Previously Barna Builders renovated our baths. Also very pleased with that work. While our’s was a relatively small job (not to us though), if you want to see a larger scale project, stop at the Sergeantsville Inn, completely rebuilt by Mik and crew after the fire. Highly recommended for the highest quality of work.

– David GaNun

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